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Dry needling & acupuncture with a physiotherapist

Treatment with Acupuncture is undertaken with the aim or restoring all the body systems to a state of balance (homeostasis). This is achieved by an in depth physiotherapy assessment to determine the source of the imbalance and the correct acupuncture points required to address this imbalance and facilitate the body’s return to a state of health both physically and mentally.

The body has the ability to “self repair; the use of Acupuncture enhances the repair mechanism and enables an improved recovery time. This allows other physiotherapy treatments such as exercise, muscle strengthening and rehabilitation to achieve more effective results.

What conditions can be treated with acupuncture?

Physiotherapists often acupuncture to treat sore spots (trigger points) in muscles.


There is scientific evidence that acupuncture can be helpful for a number of health conditions including chronic back and neck pain, joint pain such as osteoarthritis and headaches.


Acupuncture with a physiotherapist

As physiotherapists our acupuncture training is extensive and we complete regular updates. So you’re in safe and well-qualified hands.

​At our Colchester clinic, James is qualified and very experienced in incorporating acupuncture into treatment. If you think we might be able to help you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Book an appointment - call us on 07563838991

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