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Rehabilitation and strength training

Sports Physiotherapy in Colchester

Exercise programmes are designed to promote general health and well-being and are also used for physical rehabilitation and development. They include a variety of different parts such as strengthening, mobilising, stretching and aerobic exercises.


The use of personalised exercise programmes for strength and conditioning is an integral part of my approach to treatment (when required) as it has mental as well as physical benefits.

Benefits of exercise programmes

There are a number of positive outcomes from completing an exercise programmes including:

  • Promoting a faster recovery from an injury/operation/condition

  • Improving the strength of your muscles

  • Improving the efficiency of your heart and lungs

  • Reducing your pain

  • Helping you with sleep problems

  • Improving your overall fitness levels

  • Creating a more positive outlook

  • Helping with your balance and coordination

  • Improving your self-confidence

  • Increasing your mobility

Weight Lifting

What will be included in my exercise programme?

After a full assessment, I will work with you to decide on your main aims to personalise your exercise programme. This may include any of the following components:

  • Strengthening

  • Mobilising

  • Stretching

  • Pain management

  • Muscle control

  • Functional exercises

  • Sport specific exercises

  • Balance and proprioception exercise

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