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Online appointments

Online physiotherapy appointments

Physiotherapy without leaving home. No need to travel with video appointments at times that suit you.

Examination and diagnosis by a physiotherapist

Your physiotherapist will carry out your appointment via a private video call using a secure programme.

Your physiotherapist will ask the same questions and carry out the same assessments that they would if they saw you in person. In the first session, they will: 

  • Ask about pain, discomfort and mobility 

  • Assess your range of movement, strength and functional activities

  • Discuss your diagnosis 

  • Create a treatment plan including goal setting, exercise prescription, education and guided self-manual therapy. 

Is online physiotherapy covered by private medical insurance? 

Online physio is currently covered by most private medical insurers (due to COVID-19), including AXA, Bupa, Nuffield, Vitality, IPRS, Cigna and HCML. 

Appointments can be booked online or over the phone. If you are unsure if your provider covers online physio, please call their client care team who will check for you. 

What does it cost? 

Online physiotherapy appointments cost £30 for self-pay clients. They can be booked over the phone. 

Book an appointment - call us on 07563838991

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